The community of Girdwood is home to several thousand people, thousands of salmon, bald eagles, hundreds of dogs, and about a dozen bears. Since we share this beautiful country with bears, we want to be good stewards of this land and coexist peacefully and safely.

The Wild & Aware Girdwood community group is simply a collective group of people who love their community and wish to help everyone here understand what it takes to keep us safe and the bears wild. Join us for fun events, whether you already know all there is to know about living and recreating in bear country, to learning the basics.

If  you were in Girdwood last summer, you probably remember all the challenges with bears getting into trash, sheds, even into homes. A total of 3 bears were killed to stop the scary house break ins. Our group has searched for, “how to we prevent this from happening again? We don’t want our bears killed.” The science says that bears are naturally very smart, curious, and adaptable creatures. They follow their noses and will taste test anything that smells good. Trash and garbage smell strongly, and smell of rotten food, a delightful smell for a bear who is hungry. So what can we do to prevent bears from getting trash? Help us find a solution with answering a short four question survey, it’s anonymous and will help us focus our time and energy to what will make the most difference.

For this year, as bears awake from hibernation we are putting together a celebratory “Bear Weekend.” Bear Weekend will include activities and events for young  and old, and everyone in-between. We look forward to seeing  you out there!